At the core of our sound system are bi-amplified, active speakers. We use RCF 312-A's and SRM450's by Mackie, which produce an amazingly well balanced sound - not too much of the highs, not too much of the lows - just right.

They do this with digital signal processing that delays the faster moving low frequency bass sounds just a bit so they arrive at your ear at the same time as the slower moving high treble sounds.

Yeah, I know, this sounds like audio geek mumbo-jumbo, but what it translates into is a better listening experience than most other large speakers.  And at 800 watts of combined power, a pair of these alone can shake the walls when we want them to. Although, we still like to tuck an RCF 705-AS subwoofer under our DJ table for extra bass range to give a big and rich sound to music and vocals.

I think you'll like the sound that comes out of our system.

Driving the primary sound system, from a custom-built DJ console, is an Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer connected to high-quality digital signal processing hardware by Native Instruments, ultra-low loss audio interconnect cabling by Mogami, and a Mackie mixer. With built-in wireless audio broadcasting, this system can transmit sound to speakers in another room or outside at your venue.

This unique, custom-designed system, has hardware redundancy built-in to allow for quick bypass of any problem area and we always have a second 'old school' CD-based emergency backup sound system onsite.

We take great care to setup our system in the optimal location at your venue for excellent sound quality, overall crowd comfort, and visually attractive aesthetics.

I also think you'll appreciate the quality of sound that is produced by our wireless microphone equipment.  We use a Shure SM86 wireless system.  The SM86 is one of the best handheld microphones in the world and you'll know it when you hold it in your hand and start to speak.

I love to watch guests relax as they begin to address the audience with an SM86 in hand during a speech.  Speaking in front of a big crowd can be very unnerving and the way a microphone feels in your hand does make a difference.  The solid, comfortable feeling SM86 can be depended upon to make public speaking a little bit easier.   - Alex

Photo courtesy of Andrew and Lisa Mendelson / Photography by Oak Street Studios